Jump-Started Her Career Search with an Internship

Sari Imber '15  


Sari Imber

Major: Art History and French
Came to The Space to Prepare for: General Preparation
Result: A wonderful, impassioned summer internship experience

7 questions for Sari:

Q1. Where did you work? 

Starting this past summer, I began working for Southern Living as a blogger. The bloc (not yet published) is tentatively called Southern Place Makers and focuses on Southern Living Inspired Communities, an up and coming program to be officially announced this spring that highlights communities across the south that fit the Southern Living lifestyle.

Q2. What was your position, and what did you do?

Because Southern Living Idea Communities is a new program, and the blog itself is brand new, I've been working right alongside the editors and directors to figure out the best creative approach to generate buzz about the spring announcement. It's been a learning process already, as I am entering 'uncharted territory,’ but I am thrilled to have the opportunity and am excited to blaze my own trail through the process. As of now, I'll post once a month on Daily South, a blog outlet of Southern Living, but may post more frequently later on. The blog hasn't been published yet, so all of my work so far has been behind the scenes, interviewing and drafting posts.

Q3. Can you describe an impactful moment of your experience?

I had the opportunity to tour the gorgeous Southern Living campus, which is tucked away in a valley behind the mountains and surrounded by creeks and lush trees. I got a sneak peek at the kitchens, where the smell of Christmas permeated the room as bakers tested various holiday recipes. I walked through the prop room, full of bowls and dishes and tablecloths used for photo shoots. Not surprised by their generosity and classic Southern hospitality, I was thrilled to receive a Southern Living goodie bag, which included a Southern Living cookbook and several recent issues of the magazine. I've been a fan of the magazine since I was a little girl. It is truly a dream come true to have the opportunity to meet and work with the men and women who let millions of readers 'Savor the South' every month.

Q4. How did you get your internship?

I got the internship because my dad is an architect who designed the Southern Living Idea House in Texas a few years ago. He knows the editor and got me in touch with Kristen Payne, Executive Director of Branding, who offered me the job after speaking with me over the phone for a while.  

Q5. How did The Space help you get your internship? 

I've been meeting with Jennifer Dillinger of The Space since the first month of my freshman year. She's amazing! She helps me brainstorm, eases my nerves, helps me get organized, and always knows the next step to take. She's a huge resource!

Q6. What did you learn from your internship, and how do you plan to use this information in the future? 

The internship has taught me a lot about having patience, since I was initially told I'd be publishing posts this past summer, then this past fall, and now at an undetermined time. I've learned to go with the flow and be thankful for the experience, whatever it may be! It's also taught me a lot about being professional and communicative at all times: responding to emails in a timely manner, and always being one step ahead of the game.

This informal internship has led to me apply to the more formal summer internship in Birmingham. If I am chosen, I'll get a chance to work in the Southern Living offices. I intend on applying for the year-long fellowship program upon graduation as well! This internship has jump started my career search.

Q7. Do you have any advice for current students? 

My advice to students is to set up a meeting with one of the many wonderful people working in The Space!! Don't be shy! It's a resource a few minutes’ walk from your dorm room. The internship process can be daunting, but be patient and persistent!!

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