Q & A with Meghan Holland '14

Meghan Holland2 


Major: Biology and Psychology
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Help writing personal statement and resume
Result: Accepted to seven law schools

6 Questions for Meghan:

Q1. Can you describe your success in applying to law school? 

I ended up getting into seven schools. I got into University of Kentucky, George Mason, the University of Richmond, the University of South Carolina, Wake Forest, Samford, and Michigan State. What was really awesome was I ended up getting scholarship offers from five of the schools, and that definitely had to be because of my personal statement, my resume, and the strength of my application. Now I’m going to Wake Forest in the fall.

Q2. What factors allowed you to stand out as a candidate?

I think that my personal statement had a big impact on my success in getting into law school, and I think it's because of the way Jennifer Dillenger helped me set it up. She Skyped me while I was abroad and talked about my personal statement and then read one of the versions that I sent to her. She helped me take things that I had learned and my experiences and tie them to my character and to how I was going to be a good lawyer. She helped me display who I was in a way that made it easy for law schools to go through and say: “Check, check, check. This girl can be a lawyer. She's displayed these characteristics already.” There are people who have more experience and who do more at Wofford, but I was able to show them what I did do, and that I was successful at it.

Q3. What are your majors? Did it affect your choice of career path?

My majors are biology and psychology. I did psychology because I thought it would be cool to understand how people thought. I did biology because I was really interested in the neuroscience track, and the neuroscience track is half of a biology degree, so I figured I'd finish it. I'm really happy that I did because a lot of the classes will help me, just knowing physiologically how things are supposed to work. My ultimate goal is to be a judge, but I want to work in the family law system. I want to be a prosecutor for children and women in abusive situations and advocate for them, and I think having this background will allow me to be a lot more knowledgeable about how the basic biology is supposed to function. When I got interviewed by Samford, one of the alumni said that reading all of the biology, learning how to read massive amounts of information, and not only understanding and memorizing it but applying the concepts is going to help me a lot.

Q4. Can you describe your experience in using The Space to achieve your goals?

I knew that I wanted to go to law school, and I knew that I was going abroad. The first thing I did was look at the application, and I realized that I had to have my resume, a personal statement, and the LSAT. I took my resume to the space at the end of my junior year. I had them help me fix it and make it professional looking. They helped me use good key words. I had a phone interview with Michigan State and I had a formal interview for a scholarship at Samford. I met with Jennifer and she helped me, not come up with the answer, but come up with strategies to answer them and she laid out what was appropriate to wear and what was a good answer and help me refine what I was thinking.

Q5. How can students use The Space even while studying abroad? 

I would say that if you've established a relationship before you leave, then you can. I'm sure you could anyway, but I feel like Jennifer was willing to go out on a limb because I'd been meeting with her for three years. I had that relationship, and I asked for help. If you ask for help, that's the only way that you know you're going to get it.

Q6. Do you have any advice for current students? 

Set up a meeting, I think The Space is super helpful, and they know a lot of things that we're not going to learn in class. You don't learn how to write a cover letter in class, and you don't learn how to write a personal statement. Those are skills that you need to have. You're going to have to prepare for the future. I would email them and go over there.

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