Preparing for your Career: advice from 

Dr. Eric Cole '99

Eric Cole


Dr. Eric Cole ’99 was a leader on the field and in the classroom – he graduated from Wofford after a successful career as an offensive lineman and with a degree in Biology. A Tennessee native, Dr. Cole currently practices family medicine at the Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg.


How did you get to where you are today? What was your employment path? 

When I finished my studies at Wofford in ’99, I went straight to USC Medical School in Columbia for four years. In June of 2003, I went to Greenwood, SC, where I completed my residency with Self Regional Health Care at the Montgomery Center for Family Medicine Residency Program. Afterwards, I moved to Spartanburg to practice family medicine.  


Do you use your major in your job? 

My biology major was crucial in preparing me for medical school. I use my major every day.


How did Wofford prepare you for your professional life? 

Wofford prepared me for my professional life in more than one way. From an academic standpoint, I was very well prepared for medical school after being a Biology major. In fact, I think that medical school was easier than Wofford; some of the courses I had at Wofford were nearly identical to those that I had in medical school. Wofford also helped me develop good time management skills. When I was at Wofford, I was a four-year starter for the football team but I also had all of the biology labs – I was very busy, but I learned to balance my interests. In addition, I learned to think critically. Most of the classes at Wofford required more than multiple-choice tests. I had to respond to the questions in a meaningful way, and these analytical skills are also very important in my job.


What is your favorite part about your job? 

I love the interaction with people, and trying to figure out how I can best help them. I think it’s what God would have me do in life: be there for people when they need medical attention. I also like being back in Spartanburg. I love being around Wofford; I come to every one of the football games.


Do you have any advice for current Wofford students? 

I think it is important to engage in a true liberal arts education. Take a variety of courses; don’t take a course simply because it is a major requirement. Delve deep into the material. If you take advantage of the academics at Wofford, you graduate as a well-rounded individual, and that is invaluable. 

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