Information for Employers

Thank you for your willingness to provide internships to Wofford students. This page will give you a few tips to make the process easier.

Will students apply for an unpaid internship?

Yes, they will! Our students realize that they are more likely to get hired after graduation (by your company, perhaps, or by another) if they have completed an internship during college. Therefore, they're far more accepting of an unpaid internship opportunity. Don't worry that no one will apply. Instead, focus on making the internship attractive to students in ways other than financial.

The Space to Prepare: Career Services Read the student guidelines regarding our paid-vs.-credit internship opportunities.

How do I create an attractive internship opportunity?

The Space to Prepare: Career Services This article will give you some guidance on what students are looking for.

How do I hire and manage interns?

The Space to Prepare: Career Services 8 Tips to Get You Started 

The Space to Prepare: Career Services Advertise your internship to Wofford students on TerrierLink* 

Recognize an outstanding Wofford student 

The Space to Prepare: Career Services Did you hire an amazing Wofford student for an internship? We'd love to have your feedback 

*Even if you don't have an internship to advertise, registering for TerrierLink will add you to our database so that you'll get announcement of upcoming events, like our annual Interview Fair.