Resume Preparation

A great resume is a must-have for any job seeker, and it's also helpful for anyone considering a career change, graduate school or even a promotion. 

The good news is that following some simple rules can make creating a resume much easier. The following sections should tell you everything you need to know about preparing a resume that will help you reach your goals.

/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Getting Started
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Accomplishments Memory Jogger
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Action Verb List
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Resume Types
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Resume Components
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  How to Write a Profile Summary
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Format and Writing Style
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  What Not To Include
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Cover Letters
/uploadedImages/theSpace/Events/icon-prepareCS.gif  Resume Samples