Mentoring Opportunities

One of the most valuable contributions you can make to the college is serving as an alumni mentor to a current student or alumnus. As an alumni mentor, students and graduates will benefit from your advice regarding your education or career path, career opportunities in your industry, and tips for entering today’s job market.

By registering as a mentor, your interaction with students can take place in-person, via telephone or email, or virtually. You determine how students may contact you and the kinds of activities you allow. Only students and alumni who have been screened by our office will view the information you provide. 


Additional Information:
What is the purpose of a Mentor?

A mentor is a Wofford College alumna or alumnus who is interested in networking with current Wofford students and alumni. You should be interested in answering career questions. A mentor’s primary purpose is to contribute to a student’s career exploration. Mentors can share tips on finding and beginning a new job. You may also provide advice to students about their educational career, possible careers, or particular career paths.

What are the advantages of becoming a Mentor?

Benefits for participating include:
  • The opportunity to give feedback to students
  • The ability to help students reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships
  • The chance to show students the relevance of education as it pertains to the “real world”
  • Increased pride in your career
  • The chance to gain satisfaction through helping
  • The chance to screen potential employees/interns
  • A chance to give back to Wofford.
How much time should I expect to spend on the program?

It is entirely up to you and your schedule. During registration, you can select the kinds of activities you're interested in (advice, job shadowing, etc.). You may also choose whether or not students may contact you directly or if you wish for any contact to be initiated through the Career Services office. Keep in mind that students are often "just looking" and may not contact you. Of course, if you are in a hot field or job market, you may receive more contact than other mentors. We will work with you to ensure you're not overloaded.

What are some activity choices?

There are many ways to help, but the most common are providing advice and job shadowing.
  • Job Shadowing: you would accommodate a student or group of students at your work place for a short visit or to job shadow you for a few hours. This is really up to you.
  • Mentoring: this can be done in a variety of ways: if you are in the area, both of you could connect over lunch. Otherwise exchanging emails, phone calls, or Skype conferencing to share advice is also fine.
Will Wofford students think I'll be able to get them a job at my organization?

No, students are advised not to use mentors to solicit employment opportunities. Although internships, job shadowing and informational interviews are possible outcomes of a student/mentor relationship, they cannot be guaranteed and should not be expected. The purpose of this program is merely to communicate with students and alumni about questions they may have regarding your field and your job search. Before contacting mentors, students will attend an orientation session where the "rules" of the mentoring relationship will be explained.
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