Hire Wofford

No one knows the value of a Wofford education better than alumni. Hiring Wofford students and graduates is a great way to give back to the college while also ensuring you'll get high-quality applicants for your full- and part-time positions and internships. 

Here's how you can hire Wofford:  

The Space to Prepare: Career Services Post your job or internship on TerrierLink, Wofford's job board for students and alumni. Employers can also search student and alumni resumes, plus student portfolios. There is no fee to post your position on TerrierLink.
The Space to Prepare: Career Services The Wofford Alumni Network is a fast-growing LinkedIn group for current students and alumni. By joining the network, you can search group member profiles to find potential candidates. You can also post a job on LinkedIn and share it within the Wofford Alumni Network or post it directly to the group (for free) via the "Career Discussions" section under the Jobs tab. You must be a Wofford alumnus to join the group.
The Space to Prepare: Career Services If you need business consulting services, consider hiring a student consultant
The Space to Prepare: Career Services If you have a special need, contact us to discuss recruiting options. We're happy to assist you!