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What students say...


The Sophomore Experience is a fast-paced, fun and eye-opening event. As with most things in life, your experience will be different from anyone else's. Read what 2013 and 2012 Sophomore Experience participants found the most rewarding about the weekend:

2013 Participants Said...

"I liked learning about networking; including the importance of LinkedIn and how to fully utilize it." - Shelby McKeown 
"I loved everything!" - Kaylea Bollinger

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to successful individuals like Rob Glander, as well as Wofford alumni like Joe Pugh and Nate Harceg. Their insight was pertinent to my age and to what I will experience in the near future..." - Grace Putney

"The guest speakers were great and the Next Steps sessions were very beneficial. They were specific--instead of just telling us we SHOULD make a LinkedIn profile, you showed us HOW to make a LinkedIn profile." - Brock Strickland

"What I liked most was learning about how to network and make a resume - things I haven't really started on and never realized I really needed to do until I attended the Sophomore Experience." - Leigh Smith 
"Rob Glander's speech was by far my favorite part. It was just the right length and he made it very personal and easy to connect with." - Dale Thompson

2012 Participants Said...

"I liked hearing from Scott about networking. It opened my eyes to how others perceive me and gave me ideas on how I can further myself in my education and career choices through the help of others." - Ashlynn Turner 

"I thought it was very well organized. I loved the activities and the materials we discussed. I experienced a wake up call and I enjoyed being challenged to evaluate myself and strive for what career might fit me best." - Kat Kilpatrick 

"I enjoyed every part of the Sophomore Experience. I was hesitant at first, but once things got rolling, I found it to be a very informative and fun experience. I enjoyed how we covered a lot in a small amount of time. My favorite was learning the ins and outs of networking. I look forward to utilizing the tools I learned." - Heather Rossi 

"I really enjoyed Rob Glander's talk.  Rob's talk, advice from other Wofford graduates, Strengths Quest, and the major choice really helped hammer out some things in my mind.  Also, the negotiation exercise was incredibly helpful and even more fun.  The networking session taught me skills that, now that I am aware of them, I will practice often and value very highly." - Carson Putnam 

"I really liked the Strengths skills part of the weekend because I find it very interesting to see the theory behind how various personalities work together." - Jeremy Franklin 

"I loved the encouragement to do what you love.  I feel that the pressure to get impressive grades and classes is so great at Wofford that some of us forget to pursue what we love doing." - Wil Pharr 

"There wasn't a moment I DIDN'T enjoy, but the negotiation exercise was a blast. Rob Glander's presentation was great and the LinkedIn/Online research was helpful." - Adam Christenson 

"I really liked the negotiation exercise.  Although I am not a good negotiator, I really learned a lot during the session and the exercise." - Helen Sanderson