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Institute Leadership


ScottScott Cochran
Dean, The Space
864-597-4261 | cochranws@wofford.edu

Prior to joining Wofford in 2008, Scott served as a vice president for UPS Capital and was responsible for Marketing and Technology, as well as UPS Capital’s credit card business. During his 20-year career in business he developed a track record of solid performance in finance, marketing, sales, and international operations. His responsibilities included offices in Europe and Asia as well as the US, which lends practical experience to his global perspective. Scott is a 1988 graduate of Wofford and holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Scott and his wife, Teresa, have six children, two of whom are current Wofford students. Scott is also an avid bicyclist and, when not on his road bike, enjoys driving his motorcycle.


JenniferJennifer Dillenger
Director, The Space
864-597-4264 | dillengerja@wofford.edu

Following graduation from Wofford in 2007, Jennifer spent a year as an intern in the hospitality industry, working in one of Colorado's finest hotels. The south called her back again, and she returned to Wofford in 2008 to join the Career Services office. In addition to career counseling, teaching responsibilities and strategic planning for The Space, Jennifer also manages the Sophomore Experience and Institute for Professional Development programs. She's currently working toward the completion of a MBA from The University of South Carolina. She and her husband Anthony love international travel and have an energetic German shorthaired pointer named Jilly. 


CourtneyCourtney Shelton
Director, The Space
864-597-4794 | sheltoncb@wofford.edu

Courtney is a Spartanburg native, and an alumnae of Presbyterian College. She also holds a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of South Carolina. Courtney recently traveled to Haiti as a volunteer relief worker and plans to go again soon. When she's not working with Impact students or generally making things better, Courtney enjoys cooking, decorating her home, and spending time with her beloved dog Sullivan.