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About the Institute 
July 7 - August 1, 2014

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Intense Four-Week Program for ALL majors

As an Institute participant, you'll spend four weeks living on Wofford's campus (during Summer School Second Session) learning the skills and behaviors necessary for professional success in every career field (including health and law). Working individually and in groups, you'll spend five days a week learning by doing, receiving in-depth instruction and hands-on practice. Students who successfully complete this certificate-earning program will have a significant advantage when launching their career. It does not matter whether you major in history, finance or theater. The skills developed in this program are of equal benefit to all and immediately recognized as valuable by employers and graduate schools. 

Learn Problem Solving through Real-World Consulting

No matter what career you choose, your work will involve problem-solving. As an Institute participant, you'll participate in one of four real-world consulting projects with a small team of students. By using your classroom training to solve a problem for a business or non-profit (like Michelin, globalbike, the Nudge app, OTO Development and others), you'll learn transferable skills that will make you a stand-out candidate for jobs and graduate schools. 

Develop Marketable Skills  

The classroom portion of the Institute will provide you with the tools necessary to effectively manage the consulting project (project management, business technology, professional speaking, time management, teamwork and design thinking skills). In addition, you'll learn self-development skills such as business etiquette, personal finance, time management, and negotiating.  

Leadership Experience 

Organizations of all kinds need leaders who can implement rapid change. Each week, top executives in a variety of industries will teach you the characteristics and habits of leaders. Prominent entrepreneurs, leaders and senior executives from a variety of organizations will lecture at various times during the Institute, providing insight into the characteristics of effective leaders. You'll have ample opportunities to experience leading a group, and you'll develop an understanding of your own strengths and how to best use the strengths of your team members - a key component of leadership.