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Certificate Program 

Our Certificate Program in the Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking is designed to accelerate your marketability and enhance your career options for the 21st century. An entrepreneurial mindset is highly desirable across industries and professions because it represents an orientation toward risk taking, experimentation, value creation and a bias toward action, the combination of which brings new ideas to life. This ability to “think like an entrepreneur” is essential not only for budding entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture, but also for young professionals looking to distinguish themselves and accelerate their careers.

The three-week Certificate Program in the Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking takes students through the elements of design thinking and customer discovery, enabling them to test assumptions, work iteratively, collaborate with others and prototype solutions – referred to as the entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving.

Using digital and social media, students will learn how to create customer energy where none has existed as they develop skills in storytelling, graphic design, website development, marketing and sales. 

As part of the program, the group will spend one week in Montréal, Canada attending Startup Fest where they will have the opportunity to hear from prominent keynote speakers, engage with founders of exciting new businesses, and experience the culture and beauty of Montréal! ((Link to startupfest ( ))

Top 5 Reasons To Get a Certificate in the Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking:

  • It’s a great way to develop a skill set that can increase your earning potential as a Liberal Arts graduate by $6,000 annually.
  • Applying the entrepreneurial approach to problem solving will distinguish you as a leader and innovator.
  • Being adept at storytelling will increase your ability to influence decision-making and forge connections.
  • Working with a certified Gallup EP10 trainer will help you identify your top ten entrepreneurial talents and learn how to leverage them.
  • Spend a week in Montreal, Canada listening to prominent keynote speakers and interacting with founders and CEOs of exciting new startups.

Who Should Participate?

Any incoming, current, or graduating Wofford student – no previous experience required!


July 3rd – July 21st

Price:  $3,500.00   If applying, please drop off your check at The Space as soon as possible after submission. 


Application closes April 28th, 2017 | Only 10 Spaces Available

Link to application:



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