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The Space to: Launch

About Launch

Got an idea for a business or non-profit? Explore the possibility of creating your own job by taking a risk and pursuing a dream. Even if the business fails, you’ll have a wealth of experience to draw from in your next venture and valuable resumé experience if you seek more traditional employment. You really can’t lose.

We believe that entrepreneurs make the world go ‘round. They are passionate about a concept, idea, service or product and have a strong desire to launch that passion. That’s where the Launch Program comes in. Launch is Wofford’s entrepreneurial group that provides guidance and expertise to help your dreams become a reality. From  idea development to business plan to organizational structure, Launch can help you define and create your company. 

Create innovative solutions 

While in Launch, you will develop entrepreneurial leadership skills and learn how to research ideas to understand market needs. Based on this research, you will identify and create innovative solutions to address an opportunity. Once your solution is developed, the challenging task of effectively bringing the solution to market begins.

Develop and implement a plan 

You'll hear regularly from successful entrepreneurs and learn valuable insights into the entrepreneurial process. You will also also learn strategies to develop and implement a business plan. Speakers often serve as mentors, providing guidance as you move through the various stages of development.

Launch advisors meet regularly with student entrepreneurs throughout the school year and provide instruction in several areas of entrepreneurship including: 

  • idea generation
  • opportunity assessment
  • business plan development
  • cash flow management
  • exit strategies