Why Should I Participate in Impact?

Impact your community, be it local or global

Our goal is to assemble a superb interdisciplinary team which will create elegant entrepreneurial designs in their projects that address important needs in the campus, local or global community with high impact and at scale. These experiences and projects create a unique mash-up of business, academics, creativity, and the big world beyond Wofford’s campus. Add in the community and collaboration with other Impact students, the fun we have while we work together and challenge each other out of our comfort zones, and you have the perfect recipe for success.  

PrincessesLearn Marketable Skills 

Not only do you have the opportunity to make an impact in your community both locally and globally, but you will also make yourself more marketable for jobs after college. Companies want to hire graduates who have the confidence to surmount daunting problems, who can approach any problem from a fresh angle, and who have a proven track record of doing so. By the end of your Wofford career, you'll have a resume which demonstrates the following:  

  • Design thinking
  • Project Management  
  • Initiative  
  • Vision-Casting  
  • Effective Communication 
  • Marketing 
  • Creative Solution Development 
  • Collaboration 
  • Artistry 
  • Project Development and Execution 
  • Calculated Risk-Taking

A unique outside-the-classroom experience 

Impact isn’t a major or a class. It’s a unique program that will expose you to experiences most colleges aren’t offering. It requires hard work, passion, and follow-through. In most cases, Impact membership provides better experience than internship or co-op experiences because members: 

  • Do not have to prolong their undergraduate educations for the experiences,
  • Do not have to leave the college for the experiences,
  • Do receive major scholarship support for participation in the program,
  • Do continue to be guided by professors and college staff, and
  • Do continue to take part in the Success Initiative, even if studying abroad.