The Impact Program Team

Courtney Shelton
Director, The Space

Courtney is a Spartanburg native, an alumnae of Presbyterian College, and a force of nature. Her energy, capacity for fun, and seemingly inexhaustible supply of television and movie references keep The Space humming. In terms of her credentials, Courtney holds a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of South Carolina, and she is our resident Design Thinking expert. Impact students call her "The Butcher" (lovingly, of course) because she's great at cutting the fat away from their projects. Courtney recently traveled to Haiti as a volunteer relief worker and plans to go again soon. When she's not working with Impact students, Courtney enjoys cooking, decorating her home, and spending time with her beloved dog Sullivan.

Get in touch with Courtney:
864-597-4794 | | @cbshelto

Jeremy Boeh
Assistant Director, The Space

Jeremy is an Ohio native, an Iraq War veteran, a U.S. Army Reserve 2nd Lieutenant, and a Wofford College alumnus. He's also a successful entrepreneur, husband, father and dedicated volunteer. An outstanding networker and connector, Jeremy brings new people and organizations into The Space fold every day. In his free time (we're pretty sure Jeremy doesn't sleep), he helps produce programming for The Space and directs the Launch program.

Get in touch with Jeremy:
864-597-4794 | | @jeremy_BAY