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What is The Impact Program?

A four-year program

The Space to: Impact is a competitive four-year scholarship program offered to in-coming and current Wofford students that teaches new essential skills like design thinking, entrepreneurship and the consultative approach to problem solving – all through projects based experiences.

Want to start a non-profit or get involved in your community? How about develop a new product? Or maybe launching your own business is more your thing. These are just a few of the ways you can impact the world around you.

A liberal arts education changes you. It teaches you how to learn, how to see the whole picture instead of only one part, and how to think. The Impact Program teaches you how to think…differently. Why think differently? The new creative economy demands individuals who can manage the rapid pace of change and growth with ideas, innovation and creative solutions to today’s problems. Can innovation be taught? We believe so.Kulsoom Photo 
We challenge students to not only be outside-of-the-box revolutionary thinkers, but also expert doers. Students in Impact develop and implement great ideas or “things” in the form of projects each year.

Through group meetings, training and one-on-one support, we teach you our approach. Then you will actually DO SOMETHING. This "something" is up to you, but we will advise you in developing and implementing it.
Our approach includes:
  • Teaching you to define, develop and complete a project based on your interests, or helping you refine a project you've already begun.  
  • Helping you learn to think like an entrepreneur by organizing, managing and assuming the risks of your project.
  • Developing your ability to see a new opportunity and take advantage of it.
  • Instilling skills, such as leadership and design thinking.           

Scholarship support      

Incoming first-year or current students who are admitted into the program receive major scholarship support. The average award amount is $5,000, yearly, renewable for 4 years, so long as the member is in good standing. If you have unique talents, interests and experiences and the drive to learn and succeed, we encourage you to apply for program membership.
Admission is competitive, and the number of students accepted each year varies depending on the quantity and quality of the applications received.    

Projects-based experience            

Heather PictureImpact member projects often address an issue or problem on campus or in the wider world and outline a possible solution. Your project may be something local, like starting a concession stand or organizing a new student group, or it may be something a bit more global, like raising funds to help build a medical clinic in Malawi or benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.     

Same amount of work as a 3-hour course     

The Impact Program is an academic program, but Impact membership and projects do not carry academic credit. The amount of work required is roughly equivalent to taking an extra academic course. Though you'll be heavily involved in this learning community, you'll be expected to perform well in your academic and other pursuits.