Team working together in the space

The Space

Mission and Guiding Principles


Our mission is simple: prepare students to be successful in their professional lives after graduation and serve as a resource for alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of Wofford.

Guiding Principles
The following guiding principles inform every aspect of the work we do within The Space and its programs:

1. We are a group of higher education professionals dedicated to and passionate about delivering an exceptional experience to every person we serve.

2. We treat each other as valued colleagues - always with respect and dignity.

3. Our organizational chart is a circle. I am as responsible to you as you are to me.

4. We continuously seek collaboration and understand that the brilliant people are out there, not in here.

5. We are committed to providing a healthy and energizing work environment.

6. We take our work seriously, not ourselves. Fun breeds curiosity, which leads to experimentation, and ultimately creative excellence.

7. We continuously evaluate our existing services and work to improve them. We develop and implement new services, solutions and methods when possible.

8. We actively search for ways to be innovative in our work. Got an idea? Let’s talk.

9. We embrace technologies that help us carry out our mission more efficiently and effectively.

10. We accept failure as the occasional outcome of our pursuit of the innovative and exceptional. We will always try, even if we don’t always succeed.

11. We expect, and welcome, growth and change in all areas, including our guiding principles.