Real World Experience: India Internships  

NOTE: Applications are no longer accepted for 2015

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About the India Internships  

The Space to: Explore offers four internships in India each summer. You'll spend two months living and working for The Manipal Group, a high-profile, successful conglomerate of businesses located in Manipal, India. All expenses, including travel, accommodations, meals and incidentals are paid for. The internships are unpaid. If you're planning a career working abroad, this internship will give you valuable experience and a competitive edge when applying for employment or graduate school opportunities.

Who should apply?  

The internships are open to first-year, sophomore and junior students of all majors. You do not have to be a finance, economics, accounting or business major to apply. Previous interns have come from a range of majors.

Is India the right experience?  

India is a beautiful, vibrant and exciting country. Be aware that The Manipal Group requires a six-day workweek, with Sundays off (although previous interns report that Saturdays are fairly slow-paced and casual). You'll enjoy the experience and have a better chance for success if you are able to deal with the longer workweek and also to handle a variety of tasks in your position. You must also be able to handle the living conditions: your housing will be comfortable, but you'll be living in India during the monsoon season and the temperatures (and rain) can be extreme. The first two weeks in-country can be a very difficult adjustment for some students. If you're adventurous and open to new foods, new people and new experiences, you'll do fine. We've never had a student ask to come home early, and you'll likely discover a love for the country that stays with you your entire life.

How do I apply?  

The internships are competitive and applications will be accepted again in late fall 2015. Students will be notified by email and social media when applications will be accepted.