The Space to: Consult

Project: Hub Bub

Hub Bub 

Consultants Needed: 
The Space to: Consult needs 5 to 6 students to conduct a consulting engagement. Students of all majors and class years are welcome. Consultants should expect to work 6 to 10 hours per week depending on the stage of the engagement.

To Apply:
Students should contact Jeremy Boeh ( by September 17th.

Project Advisor: 
Jeremy Boeh

Hub Bub actively seeks to promote the arts by encouraging community engagement. The organization began with a guerilla marketing campaign – which has led thousands to its website – and has been wildly successful ever since. Based in Spartanburg, SC, Hub Bub hosts over 100 nights of art, culture, and entertainment per year. This consulting engagement will conduct market research to evaluate Hub Bub’s current creative programs. Work will begin on Monday, September 23 and will last for four weeks. 

Consultants will conduct in-depth market research on Hub Bub’s customer base and will provide a thorough analysis of the organization’s event programming. The purpose of this research is to aid Hub Bub in re-visioning and re-branding the organization.

Students will create a customer profile based on demographic information. Additionally, consultants will research target customers with the hope of organizational growth.

Through a series of surveys and interviews, which will be conducted in-person at events or electronically, students will evaluate current Hub Bub programs. Consultants will contact stakeholders, including donors and founding members, for feedback on current Hub Bub events.

If possible, consultants will present their final product at the November board meeting.

Potential Impact:
Hub Bub believes that dynamic arts programs will build community. This consulting project will help Hub Bub improve their existing programs and reach out to more community members, ultimately strengthening Spartanburg as a whole.