Data Company Marketing Plan

Info Session: 12 noon, Wednesday, January 15, The Space 

The client is a behavioral science research software company that identifies how people instinctively group together and build affinities. Instead of looking at big data holistically, Thoughtronix focuses on generational and demographic groupings.

The client's company leverages social sciences, artificial intelligence, social media, and complex software engineering to solve the challenges of organizing and engaging big data in a way that improves marketing effectiveness.

Student consultants are needed to: 

1. Complete a market analysis and identify key markets where the client's product and customer needs are in alignment
2. Create a marketing strategy based on the value proposition
3. Develop ideas for creative and effective marketing campaigns

No experience in marketing or the social sciences is necessary. Students can expect to spend roughly 5-10 hours per week on the project, with some additional hours possible during the final presentation weeks. The project is unpaid.
  • Students needed: 4-5
  • Majors required: Any major
  • Project Duration: Two phases, each phase will last 4-5 weeks. You can participate in one or both phases.
  • Project leader: Scott Cochran 

Please attend the info session or contact Scott Cochran for more information: