The Space to: Consult

Project: Michelin


Consultants Needed: 
The Space to: Consult needs 2 to 4 students to conduct a consulting engagement. Student consultants need to have web development skills. Consultants should expect to work 6 to 10 hours per week depending on the stage of the engagement.

To Apply:
Students should contact Scott Cochran ( by September 20th.

Project Advisor: 
Scott Cochran

Michelin seeks to develop a website to support their Title 1 initiative. Title I is a part of No Child Left Behind ( where additional resources are given to schools where student needs are the greatest. In Title I schools, students receive additional opportunities to help them meet our state's performance standards. 

Consultants will develop a website for the "corporate volunteer support for title 1 schools" that contains the following elements:

  • Database that lists title 1 elementary schools and corporations interested in volunteering to facilitate "matchmaking"
  • Summary of best practices that have been assembled based on Michelin's experience (provided by Michelin).
  • Summary of roles and responsibilities of key actors for the school and corporate volunteers (provided by Michelin).
  • "Needs assessment" format for the schools to structure and formalize their volunteer support needs.
  • An on-line scheduling tool that facilitates the scheduling of volunteers between the school and the corporate volunteer organization

 Consultants will work with, and present their work to, Scott Clark, COO Michelin North America.