The Space to: Consult

Project: The Yummy Club

Consultants Needed:
The Space to: Consult needs 4 to 6 students to conduct a consulting engagement. No specifics major or class year required. Consultants should expect to work 6 to 10 hours per week depending on the stage of the engagement.

Interest Meeting:
Students interested in learning more about this consulting engagement will meet Tuesday, February 26th, at 5:15pm at The Space in the Mungo Center. The first client meeting will be scheduled for Monday, March 4th or Wednesday, March 6th.

Team Advisor:
Scott Cochran

The client is a television show producer who is seeking a feasibility analysis for a 13-part broadcast series of child-focused, educational culinary shows. This engagement is expected to run 4-5 weeks.

Overview (client provided – will be clarified during first client meeting):
The Yummy Club television series seeks to educate children and adolescents about the importance of healthy food choices. By producing a 13-part broadcast series of informative, child-focused shows, children will become culinary literate. The shows will incorporate the following four objectives:

1. Teach children about good nutrition and healthy foods
2. Explore what sustainable agriculture is and what it means to our environment
3. Teach children about fresh foods and where they come from
4. Visit farms, gardens and grocery stores and teach how to shop for food

All Yummy Club shows will star Kid Chefs who will prepare quick and nutritious dishes. An adult chef will provide direction and general information to the children and viewing audience. Each show will have as its centerpiece a vegetable, fruit, fish, fowl, or meat product chosen by the Kid Chefs. As the viewer watches the preparation of the meal, the adult and Kid Chefs will explain the process, in addition to other relevant information regarding the type of food presented such as: nutritional value, interesting facts or history about a certain dish, ethnic influences and culture, and regional influences.

The series will feature footage shot at an onsite sustainable agricultural garden with Kid Chefs choosing foods to prepare in a video-ready, well-appointed kitchen. The Yummy Club has partnered with a farm spokesperson to speak with the children and the audience regarding sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices.

At the close of each show, the Kid Chefs will share with the audience and each other the “fruits of their labor.” An overview will be discussed regarding the food presented for that show, with emphasis placed on its nutritional value and how the body of a growing child will benefit. As the show ends, the audience will observe the children enjoying the food they prepared.

Potential Impact

The Yummy Club seeks to improve the nutritional lives of children from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. The proposed 13-part series, in partnership with public television, will highlight foods rich in nutritional value, while exposing a large population of children to various organic foods and culinary preparations. One series specifically will be filmed at Victory Junction Camp, a camp for critically ill children. In addition, the Yummy Club has approached the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public School System in anticipation that the organization will utilize the series in classrooms to further enhance the nutrition education curriculum, thus furthering the potential impact for an even wider and diverse group of students who may otherwise have had only a basic introduction to the choosing and preparing of healthy foods.

In today’s hectic world, many parents believe they have little choice regarding meal preparation. With a large proportion of both parents working outside of the home, nutritious meal planning and preparation has been swept aside for quick, on-the-go consumption of frozen, processed foods and fast-food mega burgers. It is important for both parents and children to become active, rather than passive participants in their quest for culinary literacy.

The Yummy Club seeks not only to educate children, but also to educate families. If children are to be taught to make positive, healthy choices in their food intake, parents must also teach by example that healthy, quick meals can be prepared at home with relatively little expense. Meal preparation can be a time for families to come together once again around the stove and around the table for the sustenance of both body and soul.