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The Space at Wofford College provides students of all majors with real-world experiences to help you gain confidence about your future and to ease the transition from college life to professional life. Specifically, we offer skills-building opportunities in consulting, in starting your own business or social impact project, and in preparing for a career or graduate school search. 

Why are professional skills important?

In today's workplace, employers want to hire individuals at all levels who: 

  • work well in teams
  • can take a project from idea to implementation
  • are highly adaptable
  • are entrepreneurial in their approach to work
  • can analyze information and use it to solve problems relevant to the organization.  


Adding skills in these and other areas while you pursue a world-class liberal arts education at Wofford will make you a desirable and prepared candidate for any career you choose.  


Apply critical thinking skills to your career choice.

Your liberal arts foundation will make you a better leader, citizen and person. We'll help you apply the critical thinking skills you're learning in the classroom to the process of deciding how and where you'll make a professional contribution to your community. Through experiences offered in The Space's programs, you have the opportunity to: 

  • assess your strengths and build upon them
  • understand the type of organizational culture you'll thrive in
  • evaluate a career choice to see if it fits your interests and passions
  • participate in internships to "try on" a number of industries and fields
  • choose a major that will lead to a fulfilling college and professional career
  • experience solving a problem for a real organization
  • start your own company or impact your community.   

College expectations are different than professional expectations - we can help you prepare to meet them.

When you started college, you went through a period of adjustment that included learning to manage time, dealing with long-distance relationships, living away from home for the first time, and perhaps even the losing a safety net of close family and friends. Entering the workplace requires a different set of adjustments that can be equally confusing and stressful. Depending on which programs you choose, participation in The Space can dramatically reduce the adjustment to the workplace and give you an 18- to 24-month advantage over other recent college graduates. That can mean: 

  • more confidence
  • less stress
  • faster advancement
  • more opportunities throughout your career. 



The Mungo Brothers
What is The Mungo Center?

The Mungo Center is named for two distinguished Wofford alumni: Steven and Stewart Mungo, principals in The Mungo Companies, named one of America’s Best Builders by Builder Magazine for 2012. The brothers are longtime supporters of the college through The Mungo Family Endowed Scholarship Fund, The Mungo Endowed Professorship, and The M. Stewart and Steven W. Mungo Endowed Scholarship Fund. Stewart Mungo is a 1974 graduate of the college and a former member of Wofford’s Board of Trustees. Steven Mungo is a 1981 Wofford graduate and a member of the President’s Advisory Board.