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  • Why Major In Theatre

    Playground scene of a play

    The Wofford Theatre Department combines the highest quality professional training with the transformative power of a world-class liberal arts education. We are dedicated to professional excellence, academic depth and rigor, and community and international engagement. The major is a logical progression through concentric circles of knowledge and experience that increase in intensity and level of expectation. You move inward as you show proficiency. The Wofford Theatre major graduates from our program with:

    • The habits of courage and self-discipline and the passion for taking risks
    • The skills and experience to be a citizen of the world and an artist with the capacity to make significant contributions to the live theatre, the entertainment industry, or to a wide variety of professions
    • A highly developed capacity for empathy, curiosity, and emotional intelligence
    • Excellent communication and collaborative skills
    • A broad-based and substantive liberal arts background
    • The ability to think deeply and critically
    • Increased physical expressiveness, freedom, and self-confidence
    • A peerless understanding of and commitment to artistic excellence
    • A heightened ability to play, create, imagine, and dream
    • A commitment to life-long learning that will enable success in a wide variety of future endeavors
    • Thorough and comprehensive preparation for further study in an MA, MFA, or PhD program

    Wofford Theatre is committed to being a vital artistic and cultural force for our community, the region, and the world. Our majors graduate as servant-leaders prepared to engage with and contribute to the development of art and betterment of humanity in the 21st century.