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Major & Minor Requirements

The B.A. in Theatre is an academic and practical program that prepares graduates to be not exclusively actors, designers or directors, but well-rounded theatre artists, in a liberal arts context. The major is based on a thorough grounding in four fundamental areas of theatre, after which students may tailor the program to suit their needs and interests. Theatre is necessarily a collaborative and inter-disciplinary endeavor. Wofford Theatre is both a producing organization and a degree-granting program.

Successful completion of THEA 201 Introduction to Theatre satisfies the General Education requirement for Fine Arts. Courses taken to fulfill requirements of the Theatre major may not be used to fulfill the Fine Arts General Education requirements or the requirements of another major.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre:

Students wishing to earn a major in Theatre must earn a total of thirty-six (36) credit hours, twelve (12) of which are the following requirements in the areas of Design/Technical Theatre, Performance, Dramatic Literature, and Practicum Work:

THEA 202 Basics of Production (3 hours)
THEA 301 Acting I (3 hours)
THEA 320 Theatre Theory (3 hours)
Practicum Work: THEA 300 Theatre Production (3 hours)

Then, students must take eight (8) classes from those listed below including AT LEAST TWO from each group:

Group A: 

  • THEA 380 Set Design
  • THEA 385 Period Styles
  • THEA 390 Costume Design
  • THEA 471 Independent Study in Des/Tech

Group B: 

  • THEA 325 Modern Drama
  • THEA 328 Contemp. Drama
  • THEA 360 Classical Drama
  • THEA 361 African-American Drama
  • THEA 362 19th Cent. US Drama
  • ENG 303 Early English Drama (non-Shakespeare)
  • ENG 305 Shakespeare Early Plays
  • ENG 306 Shakespeare Later Plays
  • THEA 472 Independent Study Dramatic lit.

Group C: 

  • THEA 304 Movement I
  • THEA 404 Movement II
  • THEA 401 Acting II
  • THEA 303 Directing I 
  • THEA 403 Directing II
  • THEA 376 Playwriting I
  • THEA 476 Playwriting II
  • THEA 410 Theatre for Youth 
  • THEA 473 Independent Study in Performance 

Majors must also fulfill the following additional requirements:

  1. Serve as Stage Manager for one show (at least two (2) hours of THEA 300), 
  2. Pass a comprehensive final exam based on the major reading list,
  3. Participate in annual auditions/design presentations,
  4. Prepare a final portfolio that will include a collection of their best work.

Corequisite for the Theatre Major: 

Courses in Music or Art/Art History to fulfill the GeneralEducation Requirements in Fine Arts. 

Requirements for a Minor in Theatre:

THEA 202 and five advanced courses (15 semester hours), including at least one from each of the three groups, A, B, and C, plus at least one (1) hour of THEA 300 (onstage or offstage practicum credit).

Prerequisites and Corequistites for the Minor in Theatre: 

THEA 202; Courses in Music or Art/Art History to fulfill the General Education Requirment in Fine Arts.