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    We believe college is the ideal place to start your own business or non-profit. At no other time in your life will you have extensive support from advisors, professors and alumni mentors or such easy access to resources. This is the space to launch your dream.

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    An entrepreneurial mindset and skills are valued by employers and graduate schools. Taking a project from idea to reality is great experience for a number of careers.

    Why Not?

    Why Wait?

    Got an idea? Why not give it a shot? There are a lot of reasons to try, and almost no reasons to do it later. If not now, when?


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    What you need to know to participate in The Space to: Launch

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    The Impact & Launch Competition

    Students in the Impact (project-based) and Launch (entrepreneurship) programs compete annually for cash and prizes to support their businesses and social entrepreneurship projects.

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  • Becoming a Student Entrepreneur

    Becoming a Student Entrepreneur

    Check out our new video series: Becoming a Student Entrepreneur. More videos to come!

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    Jeremy Boeh
    Assistant Director, The Space