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    We believe college is the ideal place to start your own business or non-profit. At no other time in your life will you have extensive support from advisors, professors and alumni mentors or such easy access to resources. This is the space to launch your dream.

  • Featured Student Projects

  • Moody

    Moody's Wofford Wash

    My project is a laundry service for Wofford College students. I offer not only laundry but ironing, steaming, and shoe shining.

    Mason Cantey

    Rent a Bindle

    The purpose of Rent a Bindle is to provide an affordable opportunity for families, college students, and others to experience the outdoors.


    Healthy Al-Turn-Atives

    Healthy Al-turn-atives is a food vending service that caters to both the snack lovers and the health conscious. Healthy Al-turn-atives' objective is to lower the number of diseases related to obesity and poor health habits.

    Beach Cakes

    Beach Cakes

    Beach Cakes is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to a classic American pastime that anyone, regardless of health restrictions or diet choice, can enjoy.

    swell shades

    Swell Shades

    Growing up in Pawleys Island, SC, losing sunglasses was a constant hassle - especially as we began to invest more in our sunglasses. Swell Shades are made of 100% all-natural bamboo, making them lightweight, floatable, and affordable.

  • Events

  • Q & A with Megan Cornnell

    Megan Cornnell

    With help from The Space, Megan was able to start her own business and do what she really loves. 

    Read the full interview here.

  • Becoming a Student Entrepreneur


    Check out our new video series: Becoming a Student Entrepreneur. More videos to come!

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    Assistant Director, The Space