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The Row

Fraternities are a historic and indelible component of the social fabric and culture of Wofford College, nurturing ideals of brotherhood, leadership, philanthropy, fellowship, scholarship, integrity, and loyalty for over a century. They have played an integral role in the cultivation of young men who exemplify honor and intelligence. With your help, we can continue this illustrious tradition.

In 2012, over 40% of Wofford’s male students were members of one of the six IFC fraternities on campus. Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Nu collectively welcomed 104 new members last year. Greeks have been well represented in student government, including the three most recent Campus Union Presidents. In addition, 15 of the 31 members of the Board of Trustees are also members of Greek-letter organizations.

The $3.25 million project will include construction of seven new houses. Each of the single-story brick houses will be 4,500 square feet, with indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

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