Athletic Scholarship Funding Challenge

The Terrier Club faces the challenge of funding student-athlete scholarships at Wofford College.

A strong endowment is an important indicator of a college’s financial stability. Because the actual cost of a Wofford education exceeds the amount that can be provided by tuition alone, the difference must be made up from other sources, including philanthropic gifts from alumni & other friends. Earnings from endowed scholarships provide vital financial support to deserving students. The availability of scholarships to support students allows Wofford to offer admissions to the most competitive applicants, as well as students with special interests & needs.

The minimum endowment required before a scholarship fund’s earnings may be awarded is $50,000. A full-tuition scholarship for one student for one year requires an endowment of $750,000.

Each of the funds requires that scholarship recipients demonstrate outstanding character, academic achievement, & potential for contribution to society.

For more information about starting an endowed scholarship fund at the college, please contact the Terrier Club Office at (864) 597-4090.