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Back by popular demand, the Development Office is asking our students to once again answer the question, "Where in the World is Wofford?"  

We are challenging all students to paint the world black and gold by demonstrating their Wofford pride in various locations. Whether it is on vacation, at home, at work, or 50,000 miles in the air (it's happened!) we want you to share your love of Wofford with the world, and with us! 

One lucky participant will win this Wofford prize package! 

WW Prize Package 

Prize package includes Wofford license plate, t-shirt, kroakies, laptop case, drawstring bag, chocolate, Wofford luggage tag, and key chain. 


Here is how to participate:

1. Wear your Wofford gear wherever you go. 
Just kidding, but if you are wearing your black and gold in the photo, that's even better!

2. Snap a picture of you, your family, friends, pets, or a snowman (yes, that's happened too!) showing your love for Wofford.
Again, these photos can be of anything from a vacation oversees to a backyard BBQ.
 Photos do not have to be taken this summer, you can send old photos of you in your Wofford apparel as well!  

3. Send us your photo prior to August 21, 2013.
E-mail your photo to the TAGS Team, or upload them on Instagram by tagging @woffordalumni and using #whereswofford. Make sure you are following @woffordalumni on Instagram or we will not be able to see your photos! Please include: 

- Your name
- Your class year
- Where the photo was taken
- Anything else you want us to know! 

4. Follow TAGS on social media & watch as fellow Wofford students paint the world black and gold!  


Photos will also be posted on the Wofford College Pinterest page and @WoffordAlumni's Instagram feed!

Other things you should know:  

- Winner will be chosen and announced the first week of classes.  

- You may enter more than one picture to have more than one chance to win!  

- You may submit photos of non-students (even pets!) showing their Wofford spirit for a chance to win.  

By sending or uploading any photograph(s), you certify and acknowledge that you own the photograph(s) or have the right (i.e., permission) to permit Wofford College to use, edit, and publish the photograph(s) without obligation or liability to any party. All photos must be appropriate under the guidelines established in the Wofford College Student Handbook. Images that portray individuals in violation of this code will not be permitted.   

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