• TAGS Program

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    Teaching Annual Giving to Students (TAGS) is Wofford's educational student philanthropy program. Through contests, programming, and special events, TAGS helps Wofford students understand and appreciate how the generosity of others has enriched their Wofford experience, and teaches them how to begin their own legacy as contributors to the Annual Fund.

  • Main

    The Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund is a major source of funding for the college. As its name suggests, yearly, recurring gifts from alumni, parents, and friends are encouraged.


    Terrier Tuesdays

    Every Tuesday we ask a philanthropy related question on our social media pages. Every student who answers the question correctly is entered to win an awesome prize each week!

  • You're It 2014!

    TAGS You're It

    Every year, we ask our seniors to take a moment to reflect on their experiences and opportunities they have had as students here at Wofford. The TAGS team teaches students the importance of making gifts to the college, and that their experience would not have been the same without generous donors to Wofford's Annual Fund! We ask our seniors participate in a campaign called You're It! and make their own donation to the college and start a legacy as they become alumni. Click to learn more about TAGS, the You're It campaign, and our senior donors!

  • Social Media

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    Keep up with Pops and the TAGS crew on our social media pages for contests, prizes, and updates. We have contests and give away great prizes at least once a week throughout the school year!