Wofford Terrier

Adam Christenson '14

Amica Insurance- Account Manager

Adam Christenson Major: English 

How have you benefitted from working with WOC? Since graduating, I have found employment at Amica Insurance as an Account Manager, a role I would never have been qualified for without my experience with Wofford on Call.

How do you use the skills you learned at WOC in your current job? WoC gave me the soft skills I needed to succeed in my current position: the ability to build rapport and make a pitch are invaluable in sales and elsewhere in the business world. While my role as a supervisor also contributed to my qualification, I think my background as a caller truly laid the foundation for a more successful career out of school than I could have hoped for otherwise. I’m indebted to the Wofford on Call program, and I would encourage anyone considering the program to dive in and experience what could be a lasting impression for both your resume and your career at Wofford.