Wofford on Call 101

Wofford on Call (WoC), the college’s telephone fundraising program, employs passionate, enthusiastic students that love Wofford and love talking to others who love Wofford. The elite student workers who make up WoC’s calling program are essential to our campus, helping raise support for student scholarships, academic programs, athletics, and the critical needs of the college’s operating budget through the The Wofford Fund as well as the Terrier Club and other funds and projects.

WoC workers are both representatives and ambassadors of Wofford who have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the college's alumni, parents and friends, while also sharing with them the importance of The Wofford Fund, Terrier Club and regular financial support.

If you are a student interested in learning more about WoC and applying to our program, please click here.