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Why I Give to Wofford

 Donnie McDonald '67
Photographed during a recent trip to Scotland.  

 Donnie McDonald 67"I guess the most meaningful thing that I acquired from my Wofford experience is a very broad education that allows me to reason--to look beyond the surface of societal issues and look for their essence regardless of the subject matter--to go to the heart of the matter and ask the pertinent questions.  Graduates of many other schools can only see, discuss and ask questions about the surface of the issues presented by our society --not the essence of the issues--not the important aspects of the issues.    So I give to Wofford so others will have the opportunity to benefit from the unique experience afforded by Wofford that gives one the ability to know and show the way to look for the essence of things-to make life more fulfilling and one’s part in the greater society understood.  I also introduce students to Wofford who I believe should have and would benefit from the unique Wofford experience for the same reason. I get great satisfaction in making those introductions."