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Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

You can: 1) Make Wofford the beneficiary of your retirement plan, or you may be eligible to 2) rollover your required distribution to Wofford.

Gifts of Retirement Assets at a Glance

Option 1: Making Wofford the Beneficiary

How It Works:

    • Contact your plan administrator and ask for a “Change of Beneficiary Form”.
    • Name Wofford as the sole beneficiar.
    • Complete a Confidential Statement of a Deferred Gift form to document the designation of your gift.
    • Upon your death, any remaining assets in the retirement account are distributed to Wofford.

Assets Used:

    • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
    • 401 (k) or 403(b)
    • Keogh Plan


    • Extremely simple, no need for an attorney or accountant
    • Reduced estate taxes
    • Help your heirs avoid income taxes (see below infographic for more information)
    • Wofford will receive the full value of the plan (with no taxation) to be used for the purpose you have designated

Gift of RA Beneficiary Comparison Chart


Option 2: Charitable IRA Rollover

Since 2007, Congress has allowed donors (who 70 and ½ or older) to gift their required distribution from an IRA to a charity in order to avoid additional income tax. 

How It Works:

    • Contact your plan administrator and ask for your required distribution (up to $100,000) to be made directly to Wofford*
    • Notify Wofford as to how you would like the gift to be designated
         * Distribution cannot be sent directly to you, as it will then be considered income and will be taxable as such.        

Assets Used:

    • Annual minimum required distribution from a retirement plan


    • You will enjoy reduced income and income tax liability
    • You will have the opportunity to see the impact of your gift during your lifetime

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...You do not need the income or do not want to have an additional tax liability.