Wofford Terrier

 Charitable Lead Trust

With a charitable lead trust, you provide assets to fund a trust set-up for a term of years. The trust makes annual payments to Wofford for the established term and the remainder goes to family or friends designated by the donor.

How It Works:

A charitable lead trust involves one or more donors, trustees and beneficiaries.
    • A trust is established with assets
    • The trust is set up for a term of years
    • Annual income is provided to Wofford for the life of the trust
    • The principal remaining is distributed to children, grandchildren or others designees

Assets Used:

    • Cash or appreciated stocks
    • Typically requires $1 million or more


    • Avoids estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes
    • Allows donors to make charitable gifts exceeding the federal ceilings
    • Provides immediate and regular income for Wofford
    • Allows a transfer of wealth to future generations

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You have significant wealth that you wish to pass on to children or particularly grandchildren.