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The life-changing gifts of generous benefactors help Wofford College stand tall and strong, much like the towering oaks that have sheltered our campus for more than 160 years. 

 You have the opportunity to join these loyal donors by becoming a member of the Great Oaks Society through a leadership gift to The Wofford Fund.  

Gifts to The Wofford Fund support every aspect of the Wofford experience by funding academic and athletic scholarships for the brightest students, equipping classrooms with resources and technology, providing programmatic support for students and faculty, and more.

With a gift of $210+ per month or $2,500 annually to The Wofford Fund, you will be honored among a group of devoted donors who are committed to investing in and preserving the future of Wofford College.  

The tallest oaks begin as promising saplings. Continue growing your Wofford legacy by joining the Great Oaks Society and click here to make your gift to The Wofford Fund.

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2017 Great Oaks Society Members  

Ashley R. Allen and Steven E. Allen
Susan S. Ariail and Robert M. Ariail '69
Mr. Paul S. Atkins '80
Mr. Todd B. Avant '93
Hillary D. Baltimore and Thomas J. Baltimore, Jr.
Mr. Robert A. Barber, Jr. '71
Henrietta D. Barber and W. Byron Barber, II '75
Lynn T. Barnette and Evans T. Barnette (Van) '74
Elaine Fincher Barnhill '98
Stephanie Batten and Andrew W. Batten '87
David M. Beacham '77 and Cyndi C. Beacham
Jenny J. Beuerlein and Frank J. Beuerlein
David J. Bishop '66 and Nancy C. Bishop
Mr. E. L. Bishop, III
Mr. Kingsland W. Bland '94
Matthew B. Bolton Sr. (Matt) '81 and Leecia B. Bolton
Philip W. Bonds '84 and Honor S. Bonds
Michael H. Brannon '78 and Janet A. Brannon
Mr. Andrew P. Brittain '02
Mr. Christopher P. Carpenter '90
Delores W. Chandler and J. Harold Chandler '71
Mrs. Mary H. Cherry (Molly) '93
James R. Ciesla '87 and Marlyn C. Ciesla
Barbara K. Cobb
Mr. Jerry A. Cogan, Jr.
Rhonda T. Coker and R. Howard Coker '85
Regan W. Coxe and Miles B. Coxe '92
James C. Crawford III (Jim) '78 and Marianne M. Crawford
E. Dixon Crenshaw Jr. '69 and Ann M. Crenshaw
Mary Alice Davidson
Craig K. Davis '69 and Mary T. Davis
Charles C. Dixon III (Chuck) '92 and Marquesa H. Dixon (Kaysi)
Leslie Aucoin and T. Vernon Drew, Jr. '70
Patricia Jordan Fast '08 and Brian L. Fast '07
Pearce W. Fleming Jr. '96 and Nicole D. Fleming
Sybil Fletcher and Oscar J. Fletcher, Jr. '60
Henry F. Floyd '70 and Cindy C. Floyd
Donald L. Fowler '57 and Carol Fowler
Ted H. Gaines '58 and Mary Louise T. Gaines
Pamela G. Gantt and W. Scott Gantt '83
Dolly M. Goings and Wesley Goings, III
Dr. David D. Grier '93
Jack D. Griffeth '73 and Nancy E. Griffeth
Robert A. Hall, Jr. '51
Sarah Halligan and Christopher Halligan
Anne A. Hames
W. Carlisle Hamrick '75 and Virginia P. Hamrick (Gigi)
L. Carol Hipp and John W. Hipp '75
Helen D. Holland and Evans P. Holland, Jr. '86
Douglas K. Holtzman (Doug) '84
Thomas P. Hutchens (Hutch) '75 and Katherine A. Hutchens
T. Alan Hutchins '84
Susan H. Irwin and W. Pinckney Irwin, IV '68
Ms. Sarah C. Jackson (Sadie)
Albert L. Johnson III '66
Donald W. Johnson and Alecia A. Johnson
Blanding U. Jones '92

*= deceased
Sam W. Jones Jr. '64 and Evie Jones
Julian C. Josey Jr. '60 and Dorothy C. Josey
Lyn Sevic Joyce '90 and Reginald Joyce, III (Bunky) '90
*Ferris Kimball Joyner, Jr. (Kim) '71
J. Wim Kellett Jr. '92 and Ann S. Kellett
Joan D. Kellett and Michael P. Kellett '66
Thomas R. Kelly '64 and Laurie S. Kelly
Mary B. Kerfoot and Henry D. Kerfoot, III
Joab M. Lesesne Jr. (Joe) and Ruth O. Lesesne
Katherine G. Lockwood and Richard B. Lockwood (Barry)
Amelia S. McAbee and T. Patrick McAbee '62
Ryann Kroske McCall '13 and Andrew C. McCall
Mrs. Rachel Q. McCalla
Mr. Hubbard W. McDonald, Jr. '67
Mr. Hunter L. Miller '07
David J. Moody II '84 and L. Jill Clary Moody '84
E. Ward Mungo '12 and Gabby R. Mungo
Ms. Emily M. Mungo '15
Deloris Mungo and M. Stewart Mungo '74
Mitchell L. Nimmich (Mitch) '05 and Elizabeth Saine Nimmich (Liz) '05
Alexandra Morgan Hunt North (Alex) '15 and Wiley W. North '16
Deanna Kanellos Palmer '86 and John E. Palmer '86
Frank Major Pickens '69
Nancy L. Player and Tommy C. Player, Jr. '60
Carolyn Poteat and Max G. Poteat '60
Kasey R. Price and Estevan R. Price
Hunter C. Quick '71 and Leslie V. Quick
Frances Racine and Philip N. Racine (Phil)
Barbara R. Rhee and John W. Rhee
Jerome J. Richardson (Jerry) '59 and Rosalind S. Richardson
Andrew D. Roth and Julia A. Hatcher (Julie)
Nayef H. Samhat and Prema R. Samhat
Mrs. Renee Y. Schneider
Mrs. Harriet A. Sessoms
L. Wallace Sink '59 and Betty Sink
Mr. Charles M. Smith (Mike) '75
Mr. Frank C. Stanton, Sr. '58
Andrew D. Strasburger '13
Dr. Bruce D. Switzer '93
Mr. Thurlow C. Thomasson, Jr. (Carter) '68
Tracy T. Thornton and D. Dean Thornton
William F. Tinder (Bill) '60 and Martha M. Tinder
Buford E. Trent (Butch) '54
Howard F. Vincent Jr. (Chic) '79 and Judith Vincent
Gail G. Waldrop and Benny E. Waldrop
Stanley G. Walsh, Jr. '96 and Megan Palmateer Walsh '97
Erin Mitchell Watson '91
Brian A. Weatherby '98 and Kim Weatherby
Mr. Robert N. Welling (Bob)
J. Spratt White IV '63 and Sandra H. White
Karen M. White and John B. White, Jr. '72
Amy H. Wilbanks and Daniel P. Wilbanks, Jr. (Dan)
Dr. Robert C. Williams '67
Dr. William R. Wilson '79
Billy W. Wood '50
David S. Wood and Judith W. Wood (Judy)