Samhat Thumb February 2014
Dear alumni, parents and other friends of Wofford College:

It is my pleasure to bring greetings and express to you profound gratitude on behalf of the 1,600 students and 358 employees of Wofford College for your financial support in 2013! Prema and I also wish to add our deepest thanks for the tremendous hospitality you have shown us in the first months of my presidency. While we were aware of Wofford and its great tradition as one of the best colleges in the country, we have been deeply touched by the remarkable family-like ethos you have nurtured at this special place for many generations. Thank you for making the Samhat family part of your family!

Nationwide, the enterprise of the liberal arts college education is challenged on many fronts. I am pleased to report that the state of your college is strong. We enjoy excellent reviews from virtually all of the “best buy” publications. Demand by prospective students and their families for the comprehensive educational and residential experience Wofford provides remains substantial. Through global experiences for our students, meaningful interaction with a teaching faculty and successful preparation for a world after Wofford through the Space in the Mungo Center, we hope to remain true to our 160-year tradition while also keeping up with a rapidly changing world of teaching and learning. In talking with and listening to you and other members of our community, I am convinced that we must emphasize three key ingredients to maintain and enhance the Wofford experience: excellence in everything we attempt, engagement of our students and faculty with the broader world as part of our campus experience and the transformation of those we serve.

Members of our community are currently working through early stages of strategic planning for the college’s future. Over the coming months, we hope to develop a bold vision for the Wofford of the next decade. We look forward to seeking your input and participation in this exciting process. Out of this process will inevitably come aspirations that will require investment from all of you who love this college. For example, we must increase our endowment for scholarships to attract the best and brightest students and to attract and retain the best professors. We have ongoing facilities needs to keep the campus beautiful, accessible and well equipped for future generations.  And your gifts to the Annual Fund help underwrite current operations, offering the equivalent of a scholarship to every student.  

 It is said that a college is only as strong as are those who support it. For over 160 years, you and those on whose shoulders we all stand have built a wonderful place that remains an essential part of the higher education landscape. I cherish the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with such generous and determined friends to continue to grow Benjamin Wofford’s legacy!

Nayef H. Samhat