Startalk Recommendation Form

STARTALK @ Wofford is a rigorous intensive summer program. Students are involved in challenging Chinese language and culture learning. This may place unusual demands on the academic, physical, and emotional resources of the students. To succeed, the applicant must have a high degree of academic and personal motivation. We would like to express our gratitude to you for helping us determine whether the applicant is suited for this kind of program.

Students have the option to waive his/her right to inspect and review this document with the understanding that it will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating his/her qualifications for study at STARTALK @ Wofford College, and will not be available to any other institution, organization, or private party.

If you would prefer to print out and mail out the recommendation, download it here

Student's name
Your name
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1. How long and in what capacity have you known this student?

2. Has the student been subject to any discipline at your institution? If yes, please explain:

3. In comparison with other students you have known, please rate the student on the following characteristics:

  • Initiative  
  • Ability to work with a group of peers
  • Common sense and good judgment
  • I enjoy having the student as a member of a group for which I was responsible 
  • I  expect the student to be appropriate and considerate as an intensive learning participant.

4. Please discuss the student's general personality in terms of: emotional maturity, adaptability, ability to adjust to an intensive environment, and willingness to participate in group activities.
5. What are this student’s intellectual and/or other strengths relevant to intensive learning?

6. What are this student’s intellectual and/or other weaknesses relevant to intensive learning?

7. Please add any remarks that would help in the valuation of this candidate.


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