Startalk student writing characters


Program goal:

Our curriculum is task-based and aims to improve students’ language proficiency and culture proficiency following ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) standards. The program will provide an enriched immersion experience to participants in speaking, listening and presenting.  

Major instructional goals:

  1. Communicative language learning: participants will be able to talk about themselves and initiate simple conversations with native speakers in the tasks closely related to their daily life.
  2. Hands-on cultural training: participants will get to know and be able to demonstrate their skills in Chinese cuisine, tea, Tai Chi, songs, music, drama, and handcrafts.
  3. Learning strategies and life-long learning: The program will serve as the first step in the participants’ learning of Chinese language and culture. The program will motivate them to continue their learning after the program ends. Post-program refresher workshops will be offered, and the program will advise its participants during their future learning journey, with information such as available scholarships and learning resources.