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The Southern Anthropological Society is holding its annual student research paper competition for the meetings Chattanooga, Tennessee, April 19-22, 2018. A graduate and an undergraduate paper author(s) will be announced at the meetings and the winners will be awarded a cash prize of $200.00. Winning papers will also be published and archived on the SAS website. 

Submissions from all subfields of anthropology are welcomed. The paper should be based on original fieldwork, or original analysis of data collected by others, or original analysis of existing published research or theory. The papers do not have to relate directly to the conference theme. Papers should be no more than 25 pages (excluding diagrams, notes, and references); double-spaced, 11-12-point type, with one-inch margins. 

To enter the competition, students must send the completed paper as an email attachment to the Student Paper Competition Committee Chair, Dr. Vinnie Melomo vmelomo@peace.edu ).  Please contact him with any questions about the competition.  The deadline for submitting completed papers to Dr. Melomo for the competition is MARCH 16, 2018.

To be eligible for the competition, students must also have their paper abstract accepted for their subsequent presentation at the meetings. They should copy and complete the Abstract form found at the end of the SAS Annual Meeting by the EXTENDED ABSTRACT DEADLINE OF MARCH 10, 2018, and email as an attachment to Dr. Betty J Duggan ( bdugganj@hotmail.com ) AND Dr. Lyn Miles ( Lyn-Miles@utc.edu ). They must also pay the combined annual membership/registration dues (for students) online by going to the SAS website under About SAS and then Membership.

Summer Program on Surfing and Sustainability: Political Ecology in Costa Rica

As a magnet for global surf tourism, Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is being rapidly transformed today as communities face the complex challenges of promoting sustainability and conserving nature while catering to increasing demands for development and economic growth.  Travelling up the coast from south to north, we visit a number of towns and surf destinations to learn how these communities are responding to the changing realities of which they are a part. Program Dates are July 5-August 2, 2018. The application deadline is February 23, 2018 or until filled.  Apply Here

Field Schools 

For an extensive list of  Field School and Internship opportunities, check the American Anthropology Association website.

 Professional Organizations



Promising Job Market for Anthropology PhDs

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in June of 2012 that of all, yes all occupations tracked by the BLS, jobs for anthropologists (to include sub-fields, especially archaeology) are expected to grow more that all other occupations combined, a staggering 21% over the next 8 years, with all other social science related fields projected to grow 18%....The job market for anthropologists has never been better, more diversified, or more lucrative (no matter flavor of filthy lucre you favor – cash money, benefits, tenure of one shade or another, world travel, adoring students, stacks of papers to grade, etc. and then some and so on)."  (excerpt from L. Angelina Howell's blog)


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