WAC Leadership

WAC Chair

The WAC Chair represents WAC at all Campus Union meetings and manages the committee's budget. In addition to facilitating weekly meetings with Committee Chairs and W.A.C. members, the WAC Chair assists with the coordination of all WAC events, trainings, and retreats. The WAC Chair also meets regularly with the Director of Student Activities. 

WAC Committee Chair

WAC is comprised of four committees: Monthidays, Special Events, Terrier Traditions and Public Relations. Each committee is led by a Committee Chair, who is responsible for meeting regularly with committee members and overseeing the planning and production of the committee's events.

Current Leadership:WAC exec

Isaiah Addison, WAC Chair

Alexx Henley, Monthidays Committee Chair

Chie Mushayamunda, Special Events Committee Chair

Mary Margaret Holden, Terrier Traditions Committee Chair

Owen Hughes, Public Relations Committee Chair

Staff Advisors:

Natalee Oldham, Director of Student Activities
Allen Lollis, Coordinator of Student Activities