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WAC Committees

Monthidays Committee

The Monthidays Committee is responsible for planning and producing monthly/holiday events, hence the name Monthidays! Past events include a trip to the Biltmore House, trivia, paintball, Wofford Unplugged, movie weekends, tie-dye,Winter Lighting, and karaoke.  

Effie Kropp, ChairWinterLighting


[Committee Members to come]


Special Events Committee 

The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning a variety of all-campus events throughout the year. Past events include, Slidin' and Shaggin' oyster roast, Wofford's Got Talent, Black and Gold Ball, Late Night Study Break, and various band parties. 

Libbie Reed, Chair

Wofford's Got Talent[Committee Members to come]



Terrier Traditions Committee 

The Terrier Traditions Committee is responsible for planning Family Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, Winter Lighting, and Spring Weekend. The planning of these major event weekends keeps this committee busy throughout the year!  
Charlie Pruitt, Chair 
Homecoming[Committee Members to come]



Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for collaborating with the other committees to advertise and promote all WAC events through campus communications and social media.
Brittany Joyce, Chair

[Committee Members to come]