Christine Dinkins

Christine Dinkins 

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Title: The Value of a Face-to-Face Education: The lived experience of teaching and learning on a liberal arts campus.
Date: February 21
Time: 4:00 PM
Description: Dinkins will present the findings of her Fall 2012 research as a fellow in Wofford’s Center for Innovation and Learning. Through classroom observations and interviews of students, staff, and faculty, Dinkins’ research aimed to articulate the value of in-person interactions in the education of Wofford students. In this presentation, she will analyze themes revealed in the research, share stories from those she interviewed, and invite attendees to discuss their own views on the value of face-to-face education.
Location: AAAS


Christine Sorrell Dinkins holds a PhD in philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. She was thrilled to join the Wofford faculty in 2002, fulfilling her longtime desire to teach at a small liberal arts college. She is co-editor of the book, Listening to the Whispers: Re-Thinking Ethics in Healthcare (University of Wisconsin Press, 2006), and recently completed the co-authored book, Women Writing Dissertations: Shared Stories Across the Disciplines. Her teaching and research interests include Socratic dialogue, applied hermeneutics and phenomenology, and qualitative research and assessment methodologies.