Laura Barbas Rhoden


Event Details

Title: "Optimize This, or Can the Corporate and Academic Discourses Talk to Each Other?"
Date: October 2, 2012
Time: 4:00 PM
Description: “Corporate” influences in higher education: the conversation thread appears daily on news sites, in Facebook rants and hallway chats. What are we saying, really, when we talk about the “corporate” and “academic”? Can we define our terms? Our fears? How much does language shape our actions and reactions? Is there any hope we can listen to each other, and what might happen if we did?

If you saw the University of Virginia memos, and thought, “what idiots!,” this conversation is for you. If you skim the Huffington Post and roll your eyes, join us. This Re:Thinking Education session isn’t a talk. It’s a discussion among peers. A strategy session with your team. Come, and make it lively.
Location: AAAS


Dr. Barbas Rhoden has fifteen years of teaching experience in the humanities and interdisciplinary studies in higher education. She founded an award-winning civic engagement program for Spanish majors at Wofford College and assisted in the creation of the environmental studies program. She is the author of two books and more than a dozen articles on cultural reactions to economic, political, and environmental change in Latin America. Her latest projects include co-directing two new programs at Wofford: with Kaye Savage, the High Impact Fellows program, funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, and with Jennifer Dillenger and Scott Cochran, the launch year of the BRICS Initiative.