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Resident Assistant Reference Form

Due by Monday, February 15, 2016 at 11:55 pm 


Applicant Name
Reference Name
Reference Email   

Please rate the RA in the following categories based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional (consistently exceeds expectations)
  • Above average (exceeds expectations sometimes)
  • Average (meets expectations)
  • Fair (barely meets expectations)
  • Poor (fails to meet expectations)
  1. Able to develop positive relationships with others 
  2. Able to follow or accept direction cheerfully and accurately 
  3. Role modeling (sets good examples for others)
  4. Shows concern for others (empathetic, non-judgmental)
  5. Displays ambition (energy level, creativity, take on challenges) 
  6. Able to communicate (direct, effective, articulate) 
  7. Self-awareness (honesty, integrity, accepting of criticism)
  8. Ability to cooperate (attitude, social adjustment, team player) 
  9. Displays initiative (takes on extra assignments, aims for new levels of achievement) 
  10. Ability for effective leadership (able to lead teams, hold positions of greater responsibility) 
  11. Commitment to diversity awareness/oppression reduction 
  12. Dependability (attendance, gaining trust of others) 

Please choose five of the following words/phrases that best describe the applicant:


Please elaborate why these five characteristics embody this candidate.

Please make your overall recommendation of this candidate:



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