Lawn chairs in the Village

A. M. Shipp Residence Hall


A Resident Director and four Resident Assistants supervise Shipp Hall, which houses 168 upper class residents in a co-educational setting. Most rooms feature two cubes that function as bedroom and study areas, as well as a shared common area. The cubes are furnished with a bed, a desk, and a desk chair. The common area is furnished with two built-in closets and dressers. Additionally, there are a few single rooms located throughout the building which are furnished with a bed, a desk, a desk chair, and a built-in closet and dresser. Bathrooms are located on each hall, and are shared by all residents on the floor.  The laundry area is located in the basement, cost is included in tuition. Vending machines, and ice machine, and laundry card machines are located behind the lounge on the first floor.

Shipp Interior

Shipp Hall Layout

All floors 50" long x 43" wide cubicles are 7' long x 7' wide