The Village

Charles F. Marsh Residence Hall

Marsh Exterior

A Resident Director and seven Resident Assistants supervise Marsh Hall, which houses first year residents, both male and female. Halls are single-gender, as are all bathrooms.

Each room is furnished with two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, and two walk-in closets with built-in dressers. They also include an air conditioning unit and a bookshelf built above the desk for storage. To create more space, the beds can be lofted. Loft kits are provided by the college, but ladders are not.

Two large bathrooms are located on each hall, and are shared by all residents on that hall.

The laundry area is located on the first floor and the cost is included in tuition. Vending machines are located on the first floor near the laundry area.

Marsh Layout

Windows: All floors 50" long x 43" wide


Nearly all students living in Marsh Hall choose to loft the beds in order to optimize space usage, storing TVs, refrierators, and futons or other seating under each of the lofted beds. Desks are not movable, and are located in the back of each dorm.

Marsh 2