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Students playing guitar hero in dorm

Students in Marsh and Greene Halls are permitted to loft their beds. Lofting means raising the bed so that desks, couches, or other personal items can fit underneath it, which creates more usable space in the room.

Both roommates are permitted to loft their beds.

Loft kits are provided by Wofford College. Students are not permitted to bring their own lofts. All beds in Marsh and Greene Halls will be lofted before the students arrive. If you do not wish to have your bed lofted, you should notify the Residence Life staff when you arrive. They will have a table set up in Greene and Marsh lobbies to answer questions and deal with lofting concerns.

If you are planning to buy a futon or couch to go underneath your loft, it should be 74” long or less. There is about 5’ to 5’6 of space underneath the loft.

In Greene Hall, you may climb into the loft at the end of the bed. In Marsh Hall, you may wish to bring a stepladder or other ladder to assist you in getting into bed.

Beds may also be bunked. You should visit the Residence Life table in the building lobby if you wish to have your beds bunked.