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Walter K. Greene Residence Hall

Greene Hall Exterior

A Resident Director and six Resident Assistants supervise Greene Hall, which houses first year residents.

Each room is furnished with two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, and two dressers. In addition, each resident has a closet or armoire. Rooms also include an air conditioning unit. To create more space, the beds can be lofted  (loft kits are provided). If a student would like a ladder for their lofted bed, they will need to provide their own, but there are generally some "For Sale" at the beginning of each school year.

2 large bathrooms are located on each hall, and are shared by all residents on the floor.  Greene Hall is a coed building, but halls are separated by gender.

The laundry area is located on the first floor and the cost is included in tuition. Vending machines are located on the first floor near the laundry area.

Room Dimensions (Unless listed below, rooms dimensions are 14'10" by 14'6" (wall with window): 


101, 102, 109, 201, 209, 232, 239, 240, 301, 302, 309, 333, 340, 341: (Dimensions are 14’10 x 14’10)

110, 210, 231, 310, 332: (Dimensions are 16’4 x 14’10)

116, 118, 120: (Dimensions are 14’5 x 14’ 6)

320, 322: (Dimensions are 18’0 x 19’0)

122: (Dimensions are 14’5 x 15’4)

124: (Dimensions are 14’10 x 21’2)

125: (Dimensions are 15’2 x 19’7)

127: (Dimensions are 10’11 x 20’2)

128: (Dimensions are 11’0 x 21’2)

The picture below reflects the layout of most rooms but the dimensions are not the same for every room.

Greene Hall Layout

Window Measurements (there are some exceptions):1st and 3rd floors, regular rooms - 64.5" long x 53" wide

Rooms 320 and 322 - 64.5"  long x 65" wide 

2nd floor & 321 - 82" long


While it is optional, most students living in Greene Hall find that lofting their beds provides a greater amount of "living space". Loft kits are provided by the college on a first come, first serve basis; ladders are not provided. 

Greene 2