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Resident Assistants (RAs)

What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are current students that serve as an integral part of the Resident Life Office. Through their direct interactions with students, Resident Assistants are expected to facilitate the social, educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, vocational, cultural, and environmental development of each resident. 

Each floor within a residence hall is staffed with an RA who lives on the floor and oversees approximately 35 fellow residents. The RA is an upper-class student who is trained as a peer counselor and advisor and is responsible for developing a strong community on his or her wing or floor.

Resident Assistants serve as campus resources, mediate roommate conflicts, coordinate hall programming, hold hall meetings, assist with resident check-in and check-out, and perform weekly "on-call" duties. RAs are the eyes and ears of the Office of Residence Life, and are the first step in providing a safe, secure, and successful environment within the residence halls. RAs are leaders and role models within the community and ultimately help build a positive social environment in which residents live. 

Becoming an RA!Carlisle

Interested in a great employment opportunity on campus? Interested in becoming involved in campus life and developing your leadership skills? Consider becoming an RA!

In the early weeks of every Spring Semester (mid-February), The Office of Residence Life conducts its RA Recruitment and Selection process.

The RA Application Process involves three components:

1. RA Application
2. RA Reference Forms
3. Individual and Group Interview

RA Application

RA Applications for the 2014-2015 school year are live! Contact Kierra Sims at simskd@wofford.edu if you have any questions! 

RA Job Description
RA Application
RA Reference Form 

Summer RA Application:

The Office of Residence Life is no longer accepting Summer 2012 RA Applications. 

Interested in being an RA on Campus during Summer 2012? Visit the Summer RA Application 

2012-2013 Resident Assistant Staff

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address  
Jeremy Franklin M 114 101-120 franklinjt@emial.wofford.edu 
Westlee Parker M 208 201-214 parkerwc@email.wofford.edu 
Nancy Ford M 222 215-229 fordnm@email.wofford.edu 
Robert Massey M 307 301-314 masseyra@email.wofford.edu 
Zoe Kloth M 321 315-329 klothzc@email.wofford.edu 
Riddick Blocker M 408 401-414 blockerrr1@email.wofford.edu 
Kiersten Ellsworth M 422 415-429 ellsworthkg@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address 
McKensie Rogers G 107 101-118 rogersmj@email.wofford.edu 
Kate Donzella G 136 119-136 donzellaka@email.wofford.edu 
Kionie Sanders G 207 201-217 sanderskk@email.wofford.edu 
Taylor Brown G 226 223-240 brownct@email.wofford.edu 
Jayce O'Shields G 307 301-320 oshieldsjl@email.wofford.edu  
Cody Watson G 335 321-341 watsonca@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments   Email Address 
John Prevost C 108 1st Floor prevostjm@email.wofford.edu 
Alden Groves C 208 2nd Floor grovesad@email.wofford.edu 
Daniel Altman C 308 3rd Floor altmanwd@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address 
Hayden Breckenridge S 114 101-125 breckenridgemh@email.wofford.edu 
Katie Moore S 136 126-151 moorekc1@email.wofford.edu 
Katherine Buchanan S 224 201-229 buchananrk@email.wofford.edu 
Dhruv Patel S 250 231-259 pateldp@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address 
Mariah Fuller D 111 101-119 fullermf@email.wofford.edu 
Ben Ollic D 122 121-133 ollicbj@email.wofford.edu 
Zach Morrow D 211 201-219 morrowzb@email.wofford.edu 
Rachel Dillon D 233 221-243 dillonrm@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address 
Stephanie Ackerson W 116 1st Floor ackersonsm@email.wofford.edu 
Bria Johnson W 216  2nd Floor johnsonbm@email.wofford.edu 
Aristide Gumyusenge W 316 3rd Floor gumyusengea@email.wofford.edu 

Name  Room #  Assignments  Email Address 
Ankita Kanwar L 114 1st Floor kanwara@email.wofford.edu 
Julisa Muldrow L 214 2nd Floor muldrowjs@email.wofford.edu 
John Dong L 314 3rd Floor dongtj@email.wofford.edu 

Name  House #  Assignments  Email Address 
Nate Teague H 160A Houses 110-140, 160-170 teaguenl@email.wofford.edu 
Ashley McCullough H 230A Houses 210-240 mcculloughal@email.wofford.edu 
Luke Basha H 260A Houses 250-280 bashald@email.wofford.edu 
Khusbu Desai H 335A Houses 320-340 desaikd@email.wofford.edu 
Chase Wolfe H 365A Houses 350-365 wolfece@email.wofford.edu 
Alyssa Burkert H 390A Houses 150, 310-315, 380-390 burkertaj@email.wofford.edu 
Jacob Booth H 318A Houses 317-319 boothjd@email.wofford.edu    
Natasha Rudy MSBVC 2nd Floor rudynl@email.wofford.edu 
Asantweaa Boateng MSBVC 3rd Floor boatengaa@email.wofford.edu