Dr. Hill and students

Veteran FAQs

Who do I contact about veterans benefits?
Contact Mrs. Tamara M. Burgess, VA Certifying Official, at (864) 597-4030, or visit the Registrar's Office located in the DuPre Administration Building.

How do I apply for veterans benefits?
Information regarding eligibility, applications, and certification may be obtained from the Veterans Administration (1-888-GI-BILL-1).  Upon receipt of all required documentation, the certifying official will forward an Enrollment Certification to the Veterans Administration Regional Office.  No paperwork will automatically be prepared and forwarded to the VA for processing and payment without the student's requests.

How many hours do I have to be enrolled per semester to receive full benefits?
To receive full benefits, the student must be enrolled in at least 12 hours per semester.  If the student drops below 12 hours, they should contact the Registrar's Office immediately.

Do courses taken as audits count as hours to receive benefits?
No.  Benefits will not be paid for auditing courses.  You must be enrolled for credit in 12 or more hours.  Although, if you would like to audit a course during the semester, it is permitted.

Please visit this website for helpful information pertaining to veterans and college affordability.